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Working together with BMW Diplomatic Sales

In international diplomacy, flexibility, motivation, stamina and attention to detail are prerequisites. To succeed in this environment you need to stand up for the values you represent with confidence and show an exemplary sense of responsibility. This is much easier if you take joy in what you do which is why a BMW is the perfect form of transport.

Presales service and moving countries

We attach great importance to personal service and individual advice. Because the more we know about you and your requirements, the easier it is for us to offer you a package that meets your precise needs. Specially-trained BMW Diplomatic Sales service personnel will give you the information and assistance you need before your purchase and are also there to help you move to a new posting in another country. You can speak to BMW Diplomatic Sales in Munich, staff at a BMW Diplomatic Sales competence center or your local BMW dealer – we would be delighted to hear from you.

Preferential terms

Whichever BMW model you choose, you can take advantage of our special service and preferential terms for diplomats. Get in touch with your local BMW dealer for more information


You can take delivery of your BMW anywhere where BMW has a presence – and with a global network of over 3,500 dealers, that means pretty much anywhere on the planet. Alternatively, why not turn the delivery of your BMW into an unforgettable day out for you and your family by collecting it in person from BMW Welt in Munich? Here you can immerse yourself in the BMW brand and its values as you can nowhere else on earth. Visit the BMW Museum, take a tour of the BMW factory, enjoy a meal in the gourmet restaurant, find out about the latest advances in automotive research – and above all, look forward to the moment when you get your hands on your very own BMW.

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