Worldwide military sales program designed for US military stationed overseas.
DoD Contractor, GS and NAF are also eligible for this program.

A tribute to your dedication

Pre-negotiated discount set for the Military Sales Program by the BMW Headquarter, in order to eliminate any ‘haggling’ with sales agents and avoid any currency fluctuation. The basic rule of this program is “All customers pay the same price”. BMW military sales offers you not only factory price and tax-free benefits, but also full support from professional sales representatives who understand your needs. Depending on your time frame and situation, you can choose either stock vehicles kept by BMW plants for quicker delivery or new customizing build BMW and MINI to your own taste and specifications. Furthermore, all vehicles via this program comply with US import requirements, meaning that once your overseas posting is over, you can carry on enjoying your BMW and MINI back to USA. Once the order has been placed, your sales agent will assist you as smooth as possible making every effort until your new BMW and MINI delivered.


BMW Military Sales is a privilege program designed specifically for US service personnel overseas. It is open to all Active-duty military personnel, DoD Civilian ID card holders and DoD contractors on temporary (TDY), Permanent (PCS) orders abroad at the time of purchase. Apart from your valid military ID,

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    It is highly recommended that you consult with your bank regarding to your loan amount allowance as a pre-approval before signing on the contract. Please contact one of BMW military sales agents in Korea and request price quote first .This process will help you to figure out your financial plan for the future. There are a few financial institutes working closely with us since those are the most familiar with BMW and MINI military sales program. Please refer to the following, for an easy way to get a loan with better conditions.

    • Bank of America, NA / Military Banking Overseas Division
      Tel: Yongsan Garrison Branch DSN : 724-4731
      Camp Humphreys Branch DSN : 753-6209
      Camp Henry Branch DSN : 768-7449
      Kunsan Air Base Branch DSN : 782-5308
    • USAA Federal Savings Bank
      Tel: USAA Contact Information center
    • Navy Federal Credit Union
      Tel: Yongsan Garrison DSN : 725-4053
      Camp Humphreys DSN : 753-6203
      Camp Casey COMM : 031-869-6773
      Camp Henry COMM : 053-470-6501
    • Pentagon Federal Credit
      Tel: Overseas Direct Dial 541-225-6700
      DSN Line for All PenFed Services
      For members calling from bases outside the 50 states using a "Class A" line
      ONLY. 510-DSN-PFCU (376-7328). You may need to dial a prefix of "94" prior to the above number to access the DSN

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