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Price and conditions

We offer favorable military price and conditions exclusively for USFK;

  • Tax-free purchasing
  • No haggle with pre-negotiated price
  • No US import duty
  • Full range custom build of US specification
  • Korean specification available
  • Direct shipment from factory: never sold, used and registered
  • All legal requirements satisfaction in every U.S states
  • Vicarious service of duty free customs process and paper works

How to order

  • Visit BMW/MINI website and choose a model you like.
  • Contact your nearest BMW Military Sales office to discuss specifications, request price details and arrange a test drive.
  • Check out production and delivery schedule and have your own financial plan.
  • Sign on the purchase order and we will guide you through the whole process and take care of all the paperwork.


All US standard of BMW and MINI vehicles apply 24-month / unlimited–mileage factory warranty overseas, and 48-month / 50,000mille in the USA. When shipped home to the USA after your assignment done abroad, you will have the remaining US warranty. Both warranties run concurrently from the delivery date. Should your ownership in Korea exceed the 24-month warranty period, your local BMW service dealer can offer additional warranty at reasonable price.

Maintenance Program

BMW Maintenance Program (48-months / 50,000 miles) and MINI (36-months/36,000 miles) covers all factory-recommended services such as engine oil change and air filter replacement, as well as brake pads, brake discs and even wiper blade inserts, provided wear and tear exceeds BMW wear limits. This particular program is valid only in the USA and it is not available outside of US. Just like US warranty policy, you will pick up the remaining miles / period of full maintenance program, shipped your next PCS in the USA.


New car delivery is transported by vehicle carrier trailer in order for safety and protection. The delivery location will be arranged either to your local military installation or to your nearest vehicle registration office in Korea. The location is subject to change due to military base.

Yongsan Garrison: Camp Kim
Osan AB & Camp Humphreys: Pyeongtak Car Registration Office
Camp Henry: Main Gate
Camp Carrol: Chilgok Car Registration Office
Area1 : Camp Casey (in front of Bosan station)

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